At the moment we prepare everything for the exhibition and it feels great. We had a few meetings with the people from the gallery and they are all helpful and excited about our project. When we started looking for an exhibition place, we found Taksu Photo Gallery online. Their vision made us really excited because we had the feeling that this vision about photography and connecting people and culture is exactly what we are doing with this project. When we had the first meeting with David Metcalf, the owner of the gallery, he was very excited about our project. He was happy we found his gallery and would love to help us.

”We are dedicated to utilizing the power of photography to further deep thinking, communication, and action. This photographic space aims to be a place to bridge photography and culture. Our vision is to bring people together, in an effort to expand our consciousness, through outstanding cultural photography.” Taksu Photo Gallery

Together with the teachers and the participants we discussed the pictures and made a selection of the pictures that are going to be showed in the exhibition. All wonderful people are involved with our project and it really feels like teamwork. We can’t wait to show you the results of the project the 22th of December and we would love you to come and see the world through their eyes.

It is starting to become very real now! Come and hear their voices.

See you